Thursday, October 23, 2008

Apple approves Iphone app in under 10 hours!!

I have been working on a app with Michael from SpokenImage . The Signing Bowl Alarm Clock.

SUZU Wake Me Gently

It is pretty cool way to wake up. The thing that amazed me though is that Apple approved this app in under 10 hours. My previous appliction WristPop Coin Toss took 1 week to be approved and its successor PrezFlip is still in review limbo after 3 weeks, even with the election only 2 weeks away.

So I am not sure what this means, maybe:
  • SUZU is unique enough that it got to the front of the line.
  • There aren't as many apps in the Utility Category
  • The App Store Reviewers have a lot of latitude and are very subjective
I haven't done much research into what other peoples experience is , but I will say that my move to android is now on hold.


dave said...

congratulations on the fast approval. And thanks for the info.

We've had an app in for four weeks now and have escalated twice with the same response -- we will respond in about a week. We are getting no information. We also put an app in about a week ago and got an immediate response saying that it would take "unexpected additional time".

It may totally random, but I've got to believe there's more to it than that. If you have any clues, please share.

Dave said...

Yeah, I also received an email regarding an app that will take additional time. Got that email the same day. The bummer about that is that it is related to the Election and in a few days will be useless.

Someone should do an experiment and submit the same app to different categories and see what happens.