Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cracking is the best form of flattery

About a month ago I created and launched my first Iphone app, WristPop Coin Toss. WristPop Coin Toss is an app that does exactly what it sounds like. Pop your wrist and watch simulated Coin Toss. Pop your wrist harder and the coin will go higher and spin faster. It is complete with sound effects and 3Dish animations. You can even chose different coins.

I am biased of course but it is by far the best coin simulation on the Iphone.

The journey has been an interesting one , learning objective-c, learning the Iphone SDK, waiting while my application was in review , getting feedback from users in Croatia.

And now it has all paid off, someone has cracked the binary and made it available on the net for download. Now I know that I have created something of eternal value and can go back to my day job. Thanks Crackers, I see you efforts as a true form of appreciation.

Stay tuned for the McCain - Obama Coin Toss....

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